News Letter


 Al-mostaqbal Hospital is a private owned hospital located in Bakhashab Street  Jeddah. The hospital offers general comprehensive, preventive and specialized outpatient and luxury inpatient services in a financially viable manner to all age group patients living in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and more specifically Jeddah and its surrounding communities.

Founded in 1976 (as Daghastani Hospital), Al-mostaqbal Hospital has undergone extensive renovations with its new state-of-art- equipments and considered now one of the best hospitals in the western Province in particular and in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as a whole.It has a medical staff of more than 60 physicians representing over 30 medical specialties and employs over 439 professionals, including registered and qualified nursing staffs to provide the best patient care.

Since its formal transferring in 1999, Al-mostaqbal Hospital has always proved to show that it has an inevitable vision to be the best affordable healthcare provided of choice for the community. We strive to be the eminent in the diagnosis and treatment of disease. Above all of that we aim to provide the highest quality healthcare and services to all of our patients.

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