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Our roots can be traced back to 1976 when the hospital was founded as Daghastani Hospital, the first private hospital in the city of Jeddah.


In 1998, after being acquired by Sheik Salah Ahmed Idris, the hospital was renamed Al Mostaqbal Hospital (AMH).


Backed by the owner’s drive and vision to revitalize the hospital, AMH embarked on a journey of rapid growth and evolution that began with major renovations to its medical facility and equipment, which enabled AMH to more than double its bed capacity from 50 to a 110 beds. This was the first step towards AMH’s mission to become a pioneer in providing an elite and affordable secondary healthcare service.


In 2001, AMH’s new management was able to efficiently execute a swift replacement and redevelopment of its Medical Imaging Department; transforming it with state-of-the-art equipment that reflect AMH’s strategy of supplementing and supporting our highly competent medical faculty with the latest in advanced medical equipment and technology.


In 2005, AMH gained the Makkah Region Quality Program (MRQP) accreditation. The hospital’s outstanding performance saw it score among the top 5 out of almost 200 private hospitals in Jeddah.


As part of its continuous efforts to meet and exceed patients’ expectations, ensure their wellbeing and increase their satisfaction, a new Central Sterile Services Department (CSSD) and a new Laundry Department were opened in 2006.


2012 saw AMH undergo another series of substantially key renovations. The Intensive Care Unit (ICU) was redeveloped and the number of its beds was doubled. A new area was built for the new Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Department. An additional new Outpatient Department (OPD) with 9 clinics was built. Further renovations saw an increase of 15 beds for first floor clinics, an expansion of the VIP rooms to a total of 11 rooms, an increase in size of the O.R. via a new extension, and a relocation of the Morgue.


In 2013 AMH opened its fifth O.R. Theater, and also added a new CT Scan room. Several wards underwent further renovations, including the VIP ward which had its rooms transformed into VIP suites. Also, all the restrooms in both the ground and basement floors underwent a complete overhaul. Outside the hospital, renovations were completed at both the nursing and family accommodation buildings.

2014 saw the completion of further renovations to both the Catheterization Laboratory and the ER, the expansion of the ER’s area to allow the addition of four more beds and a new shelter in front of the ER’s entrance, the as well as a relocation of both the hospital’s Laboratory, the offices of the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Department, and the hospital’s Storages and Warehouses to new areas. Additional improvements included the renovating of the Main Reception area, the fourth floor containing the Administration’s offices, the structural reinforcing of the main building, along with additional renovations to the nurses’ accommodations.


In 2015 a new Chest Pain Department was successfully unveiled, a new Nursery was opened near the Delivery Room, and the XRay Department saw the additions of a new Digital Fluoroscope and a new Digital Panoramic system. AMH also added a new Oxygen Tank; contributing to increased client safety as well as a significant increase in the efficiency of its service-provision.

About A.M.H

A private health care institution committed to provide Safe & high quality healthcare services meet our customer needs.

About A.M.H

Being a pioneer in providing a unique quality      

medical services in Jeddah Region.

About A.M.H


Between patient and staff, as well as the various clinical professions and specialties


We provide care with dignity, concern, kindness and a respect for the diversity of our community.


Relationships We acknowledge our vital and dynamic role in our communities. We will foster growth and development in a manner that understands and serves their needs


Respect and protect patient confidentiality and privacy by understanding and complying with applicable privacy legislation and policies regarding the collection, use, and disclosure of confidential information.


Competence means that our hospital  are managed and work is performed with the highest level of skill and ability.             

About A.M.H
Welcome Word

Dear visitor,

We provide excellent medical care, state of the art infrastructure, modern and comfortable facilities and an empathetic and humane care to our patients and their families.

Respect, compassion and kindness to our patients, their families and helpers are the pillars of the Hospital.  We foster respect and collaboration among staff members and towards patients, embracing all aspects of human integrity.

Our strong medical staff strive to provide the highest standard in all departments, and devote their time to provide warm care to every patient.

Our nursing model, unique in the country, provides care to patients and their families in a professional, warm and kind environment.

The Hospital’s first class technical team actively collaborates in giving earlier and precise diagnoses.

Our proactive and empathetic administrative staff are constantly searching for solutions and answers to our members.

A professional environmental hygiene team provides safety, warmth and well-being to all our visitors.

Our large, talented and innovative customer service team focuses on helping our members at all times.

Our staff’s empathy is highly valued by our patients and families, specially when they undergo difficult situations.

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About A.M.H

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