Patients & Visitors
Rights & Responsibilities

Your Rights as a Patient

- Here at ALMOSTAQBAL HOSPITAL, we consider you a partner in your hospital care. When you are well-informed, participate in treatment decisions, and communicate openly with your doctor and other health professionals, you help make your care as effective as possible.

While you are a patient in the hospital, your rights include the following:
1. Get fair medical care regardless of race, religion , language, gender, age and disability at all times and under all conditions according to the hospital capacity and its policy and regulations.

2. Know the name of your treating physician and of those who are taking.

3. privacy and dignity, to Have an atmosphere that respects your body and medical information from being misused, and to be able to discuss openly and in full confidentiality everything about your illness.

4. Know all the benefits/risks related to your medical procedures.

5. Accept or refuse medical care/ treatment and to be told of the medical outcomes of refusal and to sign the consent for that purpose.

6. Be involved in the decision making of your care plan.

7. Expect prompt and effective assessment and treatment of pain.

8. Have an access to a social workers representative or hospital administrator upon request or compliant at anytime.

9. Have a second opinion following to ALMOSTAQBAL HOSPITAL administrative and financial rules and regulation.

Your Responsibilities as a Patient

1. Know and follow KINGDOM OF SAUDI ARABIA and ALMOSTAQBAL HOSPITAL rules and regulations.

2. Maintain the hospital non-smoking policy.

3. Be considerate of the rights of other patients and hospital staff.

4. Follow the treatment plan recommended by your physician, including following the instructions of your nurses and other health care providers.

5. Help maintain ALMOSTAQBAL HOSPITAL properties from destruction.

6. Pay all your financial obligations associated with your care, admission or any other services.

7. Complete all forms requested by the hospital when having an operation or a procedure.

8. Sign the "Discharge against Medical Advice" form if you insisted on leaving against medical advice.

9. Make all necessary precautions not to infect others in case you were told that you have a contagious disease and you should inform your spouse/immediate family about the disease.

10. Provide accurate and complete information concerning your present complaints, past illnesses, hospitalizations, medications and other matters relating to your health.

11. Report any perceived risks in your care and unexpected changes in your condition to the responsible practitioner.
Patients & Visitors
Clinic Visit

Preparing ahead of time can help you and your doctor make the most out of what are often brief appointments so we suggest the following:

Before Your Appointment:

- First, be sure that where you make your appointment accepts your insurance. You can call or go online to your insurance website to see a directory of in-network providers. Then, when you call us to make your appointment, verify with the front office staff that that we take your insurance and if it covers the needed service.
- If it is your first visit to a particular clinic or physician, be ready to provide information about diseases that run in your family and describe current and past health problems and treatments. Write it all down if that helps and bring past medical records, test results, and your immunization records.
- Make a list of the medications you are taking (or bring in the bottles) including the doses and frequency of prescription and over-the-counter drugs, as well as herbs, supplements and vitamins.
- Find a friend or relative to accompany you to your visit. A lot of information may be presented at a doctor’s visit, it may be helpful to bring a friend or relative to help you write things down, share medical information, and talk with the health care team.

During Your Appointment:

- Share your symptoms, relevant health history, and the list of medications that you take.
- Don’t forget about your emotional health; it influences your physical health.
- Your health is worth the physician’s time. Repeat what the doctor has told you to be sure you understand and ask for clarification if needed.
- Try to reach an agreement about the recommended treatment plan.

Before Leaving Your Appointment:
- Find out if and when you should return for another visit and clarify any next steps.
- Schedule a follow-up appointment if necessary.
- Ask if you need to watch for certain warning signs for your condition, and how to react if happened.
- If you received a new prescription, Before leaving your doctor’s office, you should know:
The name of the drug you have been prescribed
Why you should take it
When and how to take it (for example, one pill twice a day, two pills once a day, on an empty stomach, with water, after eating, in the morning, before bed, etc.)
How long before you should see results from the medication
How to report any problems or side effects you may observe
- Don’t leave if you’re uncertain about your diagnosis or treatment plan.
Patients & Visitors

Your specialist will have arranged the date for your operation. You will be required to complete ALMOSTAQBAL HOSPITAL admission forms which needs to be presented at the hospital before your operation. It is important that you fill and answer the questions in these forms about your past and present health status as accurately and fully as possible. The nursing team and anesthetist use this information to help them plan your care. If any of the information changes before your admission, please notify the hospital immediately.

It is important that you:

- arrange for a relative or a friend to collect you from the hospital on discharge as you are not allowed to drive for 24 hours following a general anesthetic or sedation;
- do not wear make-up or nail polish on the day of admission;
- do not smoke, if you are a smoker, for at least 24 hours before surgery;
- avoid activities which may cause you to get cuts or scratches, as this may result in your surgery being cancelled on the day due to infection risks;
- discuss with your surgeon any assistance you may need after your discharge.
Your written consent for treatment is required. Your surgeon will provide you with information about your procedure/operation and explain the possible risks and effects before your admission.
If you have any concerns or questions, it is important that you raise these before your admission or at any stage during your stay.


You may need to be assessed by the anesthetist before your admission. If this is the case, Chelsea will contact you and provide an appointment before your admission date.
All patients are telephoned by a nurse before surgery. The nurse will conduct a telephone assessment, give specific instructions regarding admission time, when to stop eating, drinking and management of your regular medication. If you have any special requirements, requests or concerns, please raise them at this point or contact Chelsea at your convenience. Unfortunately we are usually only able to provide your admission time the evening before your surgery. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

What to bring

- Your Identification documents (national id, iqama, passport) and insurance documentation (prior approval)..
- Any relevant X-Rays or LAB tests performed outside of the hospital..
- All medications including inhalers and herbal medicines you are currently taking.
- Loose comfortable clothing.
- Personal aids, glasses, contact lens, walking sticks, reading material etc.
- Your laptop, pda or tablet pc.

What not to bring

ALMOSTAQBAL HOSPITAL does not accept responsibility for loss of personal items. Please do not bring:
* Valuables eg. money, jewellery..etc.
Patients & Visitors
Visiting Hours

At AMH Visitors are welcome, but the hospital's first responsibility is toward our patients. To ensure the patients' comfort and safety you should consider the following:

- In general, Visitors are permitted to visit the patients.
-Visitors should take care and should avoid lengthy stays.
- Only one visitor is allowed to stay overnight with the patient.
- Staff may ask visitors to leave the room if treatment of the patient is required.
- In the maternity area , the hospital permits only mother and father to enter the nursery , sibling and relatives can view the baby anytime .
- Visitors are required to maintain silence in the corridors to respect the roommate’s need for quite and privacy

Visiting Hours
General visiting hours are 10 a.m.-10 p.m., except in special areas, such as NICU the visiting hours are 2 p.m. - 3 p.m. and 8 p.m - 9 p.m. and its only restricted to the father or the mother of the baby..

In Intensive Care Units the visiting hours are from 1.30 p.m. -2.30 p.m. and evening from 8 p.m.-9 p.m. for the relatives , parents can visit anytime . Visiting hours in the wards depend on each patient's.
Patients & Visitors

As the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has adopted a policy of medical insurance following the steps of the biggest countries that pursued a policy of medical insurance , Saudi Arabia apply this policy in recent designations as a substitute for other medical services by health insurance for its medical services needed by the patient.

Almostgbal hospital has keep pace with the Challengers of these developments, which swept the world in the medical and health fields and has the pleasure to accept the insurance companies’ agents that have been licensed to carry medical insurance in the Kingdom by Saudi Monetary Agency and the Health Insurance Council.

We deal with most medical insurance companies in Saudi Arabia, where we offer the latest and best treatments of high professional qualifications and systems linking Almostagbal hospital system with the The insurance companies systems for faster approvals for all the medical services provided for the patients and costumers And the insurance companies that deal with the hospital are: 

It should be noted that the hospital has a special section of the medical insurance companies, and we stand ready to do all the tasks that belong to you and to provide necessary help and information.
The hospital is pleased to answer your questions and queries in relation to these companies and classes that accepted by the hospital, for that please calls the hospital number : 6875255
ext. No: 552, 557, 559
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